Deck and Timber Varnishes

Wattyl Forestwood Stain and Varnish


Wattyl Forestwood Stain and Varnish is a tough and flexible transparent polyurethane in natural timber tones. Designed with superior durability in mind it contains 3-way UV protection against the damaging effects of the sun.

RECOMMENDED FOR: New decks or for rejuvenating previously stained or oiled decks.




* Colours shown on pine

Wattyl Forestwood Exterior and Marine Varnish


Wattyl Forestwood Exterior and Marine Varnish provides a tough, high gloss finish specially formulated to protect exterior and marine timber surfaces. Designed with protection in mind, it provides long-lasting protection from salt water spray, wind and the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Exterior timber doors, window frames, shutters, weatherboards, railings, masts, and other exterior timber. Not suitable for walk-on surfaces.


* Colours shown on pine

UV Resistant Additives

Water Protection

Wind & Spray Resistant

Resists Darkening & Discolouration

Always test your finishes on an offcut of timber to ensure the colour is what you expected. Different timber varieties can affect the tone of a colour.

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