The Innovator

The Innovator

Fortune favours the bold.
You are creative and not afraid to think differently.
You naturally push the boundaries and seek to approach your personal spaces with an inventive and open mind.
You’re not afraid of a pop of colour or controversial artwork.
Inspiration is your currency.

Cotton Grey


Adrenaline Rush

Tapestry Red

Deep Forest

You love clean lines and neutrals, but with your own creative twist of a combination of natural and manmade materials, graphic shapes and a pop of vibrant colour.
Top: Rock Platform, Ash Leslie; Tidal Cushion, Etro Tobacco Cushion, Gigi Cushion, L&M Home.
Bottom: Ricciuto Sofa, Tanaka Large Coffee Table, Wave Chair, Future Classics Furniture; Ziggy Stump in Spice, Fenton & Fenton; Rene Rug, Designer Rugs.
The warmer off-white neutrals of Cotton Grey and Saltash provide a great base for splashes of colour with Tapestry Red, Adrenaline Rush and Deep Forest. Juxtapose organic and natural elements with crisp lines and the curated colour palette for a bold and modern design statement.

Works with Mitre 10 Alpine Style for Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries.

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