Travel, travel and more travel!  So many of us rely on travel for both escapism and inspiration – inspiration for everything from food and interiors to ideas for  our gardens and our clothing style.  

So in the current climes of travel bans and border closures we at Wattyl are attempting to fill the void by bringing some of the most far-flung, beautiful, exotic and exceptionally inspiring places to you!

As you would expect, for a company fixated on colour, we aim to excite and inspire with some of the most colourful places on the planet – from India to Mexico, from Norway to Japan and everywhere in between.

With each image we will give you the perfect Wattyl colour matches so that, if truly inspired, you can introduce that colour into your own home!

We start our virtual journey on the beautiful island of Burano, near Venice – known and loved for its seafood, lace and vividly coloured houses (in every colour of the rainbow).

From there we head to Delhi and the stunning architecture of the Red Fort, built in 1683 out of red sandstone.  Depending on the light, the colours of this magnificent, soaring building range from soft sand through a rich, blood red to deepest mahogany hues.

And for a complete change of pace, we hop over to the tranquil, turquoise waters and swaying silky green palms of French Polynesia.  Utterly mesmerising and totally refreshing!

For the snow bunnies out there, you are not forgotten!  Your love of the cool blues, arctic whites and silvery greys will be sated with our quick trip to Spitsbergen in Norway – renowned for its glaciers, frozen tundra and fabulous view of The Northern Lights.  We have also included stops in Stokksnes Cape, Iceland, with its towering Vestrahorn mountain and black sand beaches, and the breathtaking vista of glorious Hallstatt in Austria.


Stokksnes Cape, Iceland


Those of you who crave the deeply satisfying, earthy pigments of outback terrain, will get your fix when you see the beautiful hues of Joshua Tree National Park at sunset – from the damson coloured night sky to the deep green of the eponymous Joshua trees and the warm ember hues of the desert soil.  For a slightly more vibrant colour fix, we have added a pitstop at Vermont in the autumn – a swathe of rich reds, oranges and yellows.

Joshua Tree National Park


We aim to satisfy your current travel yearnings in some small way while also inspiring you to add new destinations to your post-Covid travel itinerary – as well as encourage you to bring some of those best-loved hues into your home.

Colour can change your day…and your mood!

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