Future Flip, founded in 2008 by Neil Hipwell, is a design and building company like no other. Originally created to design and build luxury homes and custom duplexes in the Sutherlandshire its footprint now extends to Sydney’s eastern suburbs and the South Coast of NSW.The company currently creates around 20 dwellings each year but just as in 2008, its ethos remains the same – to create innovative and beautiful designs that suit its customers’ individual needs and emphasise the best aspects of their property.

And while aesthetics are pivotal and the company constantly strives to push boundaries and remain at the forefront of design integrity, Future Flips’ focus on sustainable building practices is never compromised. The company always specifies recycled or environmentally friendly materials wherever possible.

Finishes are, of course, central to the aesthetics and durability of any home and with this in mind Future Flip specifies Wattyl I.D Advanced ultra-low VOC paint for interiors and Solagard for exterior surfaces.

While citing the ultra-low VOCs in the paint and the proven unrivalled durability of the Solargard exterior product as reasons for the choice of Wattyl, Future Flip places high value on the face-to-face onsite advice and expertise Wattyl offers from each of its paint centres.


Neil Hipwell


One of Future Flip’s recent projects is the bold, modern duplex Jacaranda, situated in Caringbah, NSW. A stand out in a suburban street, Jacaranda is a contemporary, industrial style project featuring an inspirational mix of recycled brick, render and weatherboard cladding.



Jacaranda is a confident statement in style and a testament to good design creating enhanced family living environments.  It’s also set to stand the rigours of our harsh climate with exterior cladding being finished in Wattyl Solagard – a choice made due to Solagard’s unrivalled UV block-out formulation and its flexible, self-priming formulation working perfectly with the James Hardie fibre cement cladding.



The Brolga meanwhile, is the product of innovative design and incredible passion – a very contemporary box-style beachside home designed for a family who wanted a separate secondary dwelling concealed within the main house for its elderly parents!  There were many obstacles to overcome in creating this family’s dream home, not least the need to fit a lot of living in a tricky corner block.



Once again, Future Flip delivered – not only a home that is a pleasure to live in but a dwelling that will retain its beautiful style and finishes for years to come.  Wattyl Solagard was chosen for all exterior paintwork due to its ability to withstand the harsh elements of beachside living while Wattyl I.D Advanced ultra-low VOC paint was used for all interiors due to its bacteria and stain resistance plus its easy-clean qualities. This white beauty was finished in Wattyl Magic White, both inside and out for a fresh, Palm Springs vibe.


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