Here at Wattyl, we live and dream colour. The most emotional of the design elements, colour has the power to lift our moods and express our personalities. It can fill us with energy or bring tranquillity. Colour has so many possibilities but to most it seems like a complete mystery, and well frankly, we feel that’s a missed opportunity.

We want everyone to dream in colour so we thought we’d ask some industry experts to provide insights and expertise and share their colour dreams.


“Christine McDonald is the Senior Designer at Designer Rugs, Australia’s leading rug company. For over thirty years, Designer Rugs have complemented the aesthetics of residential homes and commercial spaces throughout the world with rugs of exceptional quality and unique designs. By working in collaboration with leading Australian artists and designers, this innovative and design-focused company has earned an outstanding reputation for producing custom made rugs for private clients and commercial professionals alike.”

Do you have a go to colour palette?

As a company, we always start with neutral bases and then work in a handful of colour. My perfect palette is
deep sea blues through to whitewashed neutrals.


Do you follow trends?

We do incorporate colours coming through in furniture and fashion, however, we don’t saturate a collection with trend colours in order to maximise the longevity of the piece.


What is your favourite colour and why?

Deep sea blue – I love its calming effect and its nod to classic style.


An interesting experience that gave you colour inspiration?

On a recent trip to India and Nepal I was totally inspired by the vivid colours of the clothing and the striking fruit and vegetables against the terracotta dust of their surrounds. This experience influenced my use of colour and how to place colours together.


Are you brave with colour?

Not personally – I’m a denim jeans and white t-shirt person. And within my work it’s the same – I constantly ask ‘would I be able to live with these colours in my own home?’.


How do you ‘sell’ colour to your clients?

Shaun Russell (Designer Rugs Senior Account Manager): It varies. The genesis of a colour palette will usually come from an element within the project or from a current colour trend. For example, for a Commercial project the brand’s log can inspire the colour selection or in a residential home, the surrounding environment or even a painting on the wall can provide inspiration. We are seeing a shift in colour trends moving from muddy hues into crisp, cooler tones.


Your favourite project?

Too many to mention!

One of the best parts of working at Designer Rugs is seeing how our clients use colours when creating custom pieces – whether it be for a residential space or a large shopping complex. They each use colour in a very specific and individual way, so to single out one favourite project is impossible – I have hundreds!!



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