GranoImpact is a pure acrylic, high performance elastomeric coating able to be applied in a variety of styles by roller or spray.

Features & Benefits:

  • Good flexibility, elasticity and crack bridging.
  • Anti-carbonation coating system.
  • Excellent resistance to chloride ion diffusion.
  • Forms a barrier to external moisture while allowing vapour in the substrate to escape.
  • Excellent resistance to dirt, mould and fungi.


  • Blue
  • Light Base
  • Low Sheen Blue
  • Low Sheen Light Base
  • Low Sheen Mid Base
  • Low Sheen Pre-tinted
  • Low Sheen Strong Base
  • Low Sheen White
  • Mid Base
  • Pre-tinted
  • Strong Base
  • White

Pack sizes

  • 14 L
  • 15 L

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