Preparation & Application

Before you commence your project of finishing exterior timber, it is important that you prepare the surface properly. We recommend using Wattyl Forestwood Deck & Timber Cleaner, a highly effective cleaner designed to rejuvenate greying timber and remove surface mould, grime and naturally occurring tannins. This product prepares the timber allowing stains or oils to be better absorbed.



Weathering of new timber

Allow any new dense or resinous timbers such as Spotted Gum, Ironbark, Blue Gum, Kwila, Merbau, Vitex, Teak, Tallowwood, Jarrah, Blackbutt, Cypres Pine and other hardwood timbers to weather for 4-6 weeks before staining.

Allow new LOSP (Light Organic Solvent Preservative) Treated Pine to weather for 2 weeks prior to application.

If the timber has a shiny ‘dressed’ surface or patches on the surface from the timber production process, sand using 150 grit sandpaper or allow to weather for 2 weeks to improve adhesion and penetration of the oil, stain or varnish.


Product Choice

Decide on the product and colour you would like. Choose an off-cut piece of timber and apply the product in exactly the same way, with the same number of coats, as you would on the actual surface.


Surface preparation

Ensure timber is clean, dry and free from dirt, grease, oil and other contaminants. Galvanised nails or stainless steel screws should be used to avoid rust stains. If mould is present remove as much mould growth as possible by scraping and stiff brushing. Use Wattyl Forestwood Deck & Timber Cleaner following the label instructions, rinsing thoroughly and allowing to dry.



Stir the chosen Wattyl Forestwood product thoroughly before and occasionally during use to ensure a uniform colour. For added colour consistency mix and box all cans on site before use.

Resist the temptation to apply excess oil or stain. To be effective stains and oils must penetrate the timber, not remain on the surface. Excessive applications of oil or stain can create a varnished look that may lead to premature failure.

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