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Exterior stained timber will benefit from yearly washing of the surface to remove surface contaminants.

Use a mild cleaning agent, following label instructions. It is not recommended to use high pressure water blasting on timber surfaces.


Regular maintenance of finished timber surfaces is important. It is a natural product, timber requires regular attention to prevent the onset of changes that can ultimately lead to deterioration. The timber type, finish, colour chosen and the customer’s expectations are all involved in setting the maintenance cycle.

The table below is the expected maintenance period for stains. Dark colours will attract more heat and the interval between restaining may be reduced. For oils the maintenance cycle will be shorter

Timber Type Initial Maintenance Subsequent Maintenance
Cedar dressed face board 12 - 18 months 18 - 36 month intervals
Cedar band-sawn face board 18 - 24 months 24 - 48 month intervals
Pine dressed face board 18 - 36 months 36 - 48 month intervals
Pine band-sawn face board 18 - 36 months 36 - 48 month intervals

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